what do we do?

Our portfolio and clientele

Web development

Menas Būti

Psychology studio “Menas Būti” web page with an event calendar and registration system. 

Audio Guru

The only hi-fi audio equipment online store in the Lithuanian market. Audioguru.lt and Ausinės.lt – products are managed from a single database and assigned to the desired page.

AR recording studio

Web page with the possibility to reserve the time and registration system.

Speed Crank

Speed Crank motorcycle customising workshop and shop. Web page with product presentation section.


The project aimed at promoting entrepreneurship among young people. The platform registers pupils and teachers, pupils solve assignments and teachers evaluate them. Programming work.


Retail and wholesale construction tool e-shop with more than 50 000 different products. 

Pro Point

Video, audio and photo equipment e-shop Pro Point.


Military entertainment company representative page.

Baldu profesionalai

Custom furniture company – representative page, which presents different custom furniture solutions and possibilities. Programming jobs.


The largest headphone shop in Lithuania. Ausinės and Audioguru – products are managed from a single database and assigned to the desired page.

Perfectus Clinica

Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic Perfectus Clinica web page with product presentation. 

Widelake Motors

Swedish motorcycle customizing workshop and motorcycle shop Widelake Motors web page. 


Lithuanian airsoft event publicity and registration system. Where single participants or teams register, organizers select or deny them and all the users can evaluate each other.


Military entertainment, military vehicles and equipment rental, military-themed event organizing company representation web page.


Representative page of bookkeeping company Versvila.


Representative page of Gregata logistics company.

Digital marketing projects

Tokia cryptocurrency exchange

Tokia brand image creation. Brand positioning, communication strategy, corporate style development, content marketing. Communication in social media, PR, digital advertising (keywords and banners), newsletter communication.


ParcelABC is one of our first customers. We conduct ParcelABC marketing actions and form the brand image: creating representing material, communication in social media, helping to improve the quality of customer service.

Sound Mystery

Sound Mystery Christmas marketing campaign. Communication in social media, keywords, and banners. 


Ausines.lt headphone retailer Christmas marketing campaign. Communication in social media, keywords, and banners. 

Sushi Out

Japanese restaurant chain in Vilnius – Sushi Out. Communication in social networks, the creation of representative material (menus, leaflets, posters, etc.), banner and keyword advertising, communication through partners.


Redhouse retail and Gourmet Pro wholesaler stores. Communication in social networks, banner advertising, keyword advertising, and newsletter communication. Positioning and communication strategy.

Perfectus Clinica

Perfectus Clinica, Department of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. Communicating in social media, advertising banners, and keywords. Representative material creation, public relations, newsletter communication


Real estate agencies Alkona project marketing. Communication on social media, content marketing, banner advertising and keyword advertising, creation and dissemination of a representative lodge.

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